Export for sideload

Hello @grazer and anyone reading,

I am about to export my game to sideload on my devices for testing purposes. But before I do can someone please confirm that after I click “export mobile or desktop app” and create the apk file, I will be able to come back to the original game in flowlab “my Games” to edit and export again? In other words, can you only export a game once, or are you free to make changes and export again? Thanks for the help.


I’m pretty sure it just stays on flowlab, kinda like a browser link. You can download it, but the original copy still stays on flowlab, so you shouldn’t have to worry about it deleting or anything.
I think when you export it, it just downloads a copy of its current status, so if you update the game after exporting it, the export won’t update. At least I think. I never exported a game before so idk.


There’s no limits on how many times you want to export, but you must export a new version to update the game.


@JR01 that’s awesome! Thanks a bunch.


what provider do u use out of interest

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