Export keeps crashing?

I made a new export for August Silence, and there’s some strange graphical bugs (background flashing in and out of existence) not on the browser version as well as some framerate issues. It’s also crashed twice now. what should I do?


Try to export it again, does is still do this?


I can check it out, maybe it is an export issue. What platform are you exporting to?


I’m exporting to PC, playing on windows 10.


Hey, I just played it for a bit on Windows 10, and it was working great for me. Looked and sounded really good, and framerate seemed smooth.

Is there any sort of consistency to when it crashes? Do I have to play for a certain amount of time, or play a specific level?

I’ve had it crash when i pick up the speed boots, and in that level it has the flickering background. I’ve also had it crash as soon as I enter the topmost level in the middle of the map.

update: I just launched it again, and didn’t see any of the issues i saw yesterday, but new ones. it’s the same export running from the same place. audio from one room (that shouldn’t even be playing) carried over into the next room, and the background of the planet was cut off at the top. do you think this is because it’s running from a flashdrive? maybe running it from the PC itself would help?

Running from a flash drive shouldn’t hurt anything. I don’t think I’ve ever found the speed boots. How do I get to those? I’ll try playing again, but something like the wrong audio playing I probably wouldn’t pick up on, since I don’t know the game well enough.

Is it possible to run the game from the command line? If you do, it should print logs to the console, and might display some errors if something is going wrong.


I tried to run it from the command line, but Command Prompt doesn’t recognize my command to run the file. I also tried to create a new export, but the .exe file missing again.

old version was working fine for a while, but now is crashing in the menu screen.
just getting an immediate “AugustSilence.exe has stopped working”

I will test it out and let you know what I find. Thanks for the additional info.

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