Export on mac

okay so im thinking of getting an indie membership just to see what its like, but i just need to know if you can export games for mac/apple products. If not thats fine because i also have a windows laptop, but it might change my decision on whether to get indie or not. If its not compatible for mac, i really hope it could be updated to be compatible with it in the future.

ATM you may only export IOS (iPhone)

But it requires a mac. Not only that you have to pay a fee of 100-250 a month.

In my opinion android is the way to go

@jngthree it seems like android would be a better option, sadly i dont have an android product so i probs wont buy indie membership :confused:

Right now, you can export to:

  • Windows PC (.exe)
  • Android / Amazon (.apk)
  • iPhone/iPad (.ipa)

I started with iOS only, and added Android and then Windows as they were requested more and more.

It’s possible that I could add a Mac export pretty easily, since the iOS builds run on a Mac already, but I haven’t tried it. No one has asked for a Mac desktop app before that I can remember :slight_smile:

@grazer well it would be nice to have mac export and i would most likely buy indie membership if it was compatible.

Nicest admin ever…

@henf25 believe it or not, me neither. I go with testers to do my work for me.

Speaking of which @grazer I don’t think the alpha node is working with android.

I’d love to have mac export, frankly spoken before reading this und before going indie i thought it’s already implemented.