Exported games now freeze temporarily when music is loaded

This applies to both windows and android- but when an exported game plays a soundtrack for the first time after launching, the game freezes for a second, then continues once the music plays, and will not occur again until the game is quit and is relaunched

So in sb3, practically every level freezes because they all have unique music that plays.


Anyone else experiencing this?
@“Mhx Ar”

I never export games, I wouldn’t know anything about it. Are you just saying that the game won’t respond as long as music is playing? I wonder if this has to do with the music upload update.

Its pre-update… and the game does eventually start- it just freezes, and then unfreezes and then the music starts

@“Mhx Ar” can you confirm this please? All you have to do is

1 take a sound file from a source, (In my case, TeknoAXE)

2 Have it play in a level

3 export and play the game

Well, I guess I can test it if I have some time tonight after work. That won’t be for about 5 hours, though. If you could while you wait, would you mind making a fresh new game, and testing this out on a completely brand new game with nothing else in it? You can add some functions and animations if you need them to show that they freeze, but this will help narrow down that it is for sure the sound causing the freezing, and not just a bunch of objects at the same time.

The reason I say that is, the new menu in Shifter barely has anything to it yet, but it still lags really badly, just from changing the background color, or doing anything while the edit menu is up. Sometimes I can’t even press buttons unless I tap them fast. It really does not take very much to lag or freeze flowlab.

@“Mhx Ar” cant do that tonight, sorry… however SB3 does it

You can see it in the title screen, as when the title fades in, it freezes for a couple of seconds then when the music plays it continues to fade in

All right, I’ll just look into it a little bit, see what I can.

Which platforms is this @CrimsonBlackGames ? Windows or Android (or both)?

The first sentence at the top says it’s both, but I don’t export to Android, so only he can confirm that. I guess I could, and run it on BlueStacks. I don’t know if it happens for iOS too, but I don’t have an iOS emulator.

@grazer any progress on fixing this?

I’m exporting to windows right now, so whenever the build finishes, I’ll see if it freezes when the music plays. If I have time, I’ll test android too on Bluestacks.

@“Mhx Ar” whats the results?

It was taking forever, so I got tired of waiting and went to sleep. I wasn’t going to wait til sunrise for it to export. It should be done today, I’m just at work. I’ll let you know when I get home, sometime around 4 hours from now. I decided to export a copy of the shifter main menu, because it has a constant flow of emits and animations, and the song is decently long and plays right from the beginning, so I should notice a significant gap in the emit or animation flow if there is lag.

@grazer @CrimsonBlackGames
I can’t confirm freezing, but it is beyond miserably slow. Considering I have almost nothing on my menu, it is very likely that CBG is experiencing freezing, while I get 2 FPS. Here’s a side by side. Keep in mind you’ll be losing frames in this gif example, but it is very obvious, regardless.