Hello, i’ve decided to return to using flowlab and have also decided to start an official game for the Google Play Store although does anyone know the right width and height for a export to the Google Play Store, thanks

There’s a preset for this, but if you’d like all you have to do is keep X twice as much than Y, or vice versa

@jngthree could I see a few of your games that have been exported to the app store? Thanks

Look up Starblast 2- Mobile edition

There is no ideal size really, since there are so many Android devices (phones and tablets) with wildly different screen sizes and aspect ratios. Just make it generally make it kind of wide (for landscape) or kind of tall (for portrait), and the engine will fit it onto the screen. I would suggest starting it at about 10x16 (or 16x10) blocks, and adjust it up from there if you want it larger.

The key thing to keep in mind for a mobile-focused game is the control scheme. Remember there is no keyboard or mouse, so:

  • Keyboard triggers will not fire on a mobile device
  • Mouse over triggers will not fire on a mobile device
  • Mouse move triggers only fire when dragging when on mobile


Hi, I am having problems embedding my game to my website? can you help all it has is the scroll bar on x and y

That just means make the window larger