Extracting the "x" of an object doesn't update if "movable" is unchecked in that object's physics settings

As the title says. I’m not sure if this is a bug or intentional. If “movable” is not checked, and I move the object using the position block, extracting its “x” value using the extractor only outputs the “x” at the start of the level. It continues to output that same value even when the “x” value changes. However, when I check the “movable” option, it works as intended.

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not a bug, if an object that hasn’t move at all in your game yet, it won’t extract its positions because it considers its origin points not determined yet. I usually just add 0.1 to the x or y position on these occasions so that it has a value to find first.

Yes, but the object is moving. Even when the object moves, the extractor still outputs the initial x value, if “movable” is unchecked in the object’s physics settings.

that part IS a bug.

Hmmm weird. I will test this when I can.

This is probably a bug. It was only recently that “immovable” objects would move at all. It used to be the case that trying to move an object with movable disabled would simply be ignored. Now that they can be moved, the extractor should probably report the updated position accurately.

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