Extractor behavior being stupid

whenever i add an extractor behavior for 1 level, it saves, but when i add an extractor behavior in multiple levels, it doesn’t save. but idky its doing this because i have the object i want to extract in the levels needed.

could you help @JR01 ?

Extractors don’t save, they extract…
What are you doing with the extractors?

but the extractors arent workign between the levels, when you add the object you want to be extracted it stays there until you change it, but when i try to extract the same object in different levels, all of the levels where their being extracted are being deleted.

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Correct, extractors can’t extract objects on other levels because that object doesn’t exist when you extracted it. Why would you need the extractors from an object in a different level?

If the object is in every level, you could instead extract the number in the source object, and message it to the other objects. I could show how to do this better with a link and a description of what object you want to do this with.

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i know, they do exist in each level but idk whats going on. remember the progress bar you helped me with? that’s the problem.

Did I use extractors for the Bar?
Anyways, it would be much better if you instead sent a message or a global to send the values of the start, end, and player position (to send the numbers no matter what level your on).

If you could, could you send the link to the game again?
I’ll take a look and show you how it could be Changed.

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not the bar, the player progress. and sure. https://flowlab.io/game/view/1555408

i tried using the globals but the player progress still didnt move.

I’ve had this same exact problem and have found no way to work around it. Are you saying where, lets say your player extracts “coin” in level 1, but then in level 2 your player tries to extract “coin” it won’t work?

yea, its not working in more than one level even though their in the level with them.

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Yeah even when I have the object it extracts in that level it doesn’t work.

If you replace the “other x” extractor with a Global set to “PLAYER X”, it works for me.

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ill try it out.

id doesnt work for me. could you give a screenshot?

nevermind, i got it! i had to use a switch because it was always at the start.

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Yep, like that.
Also, make sure to NOT use “get” in the global.

When the numbers get sent to the global it will automatically send it here without inputs. Adding the always input has a chance of over righting the values.

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that just made another problem though.

when the player bar gets to the end, it doesnt go back to the start.

Wait are you saying you use the set input on the global?