Extractor behavior being stupid

I’m saying to not use “Get” on the Globals.

The actual player is sending X with “Set” on the Global.
Set, Get, and + all outputs out of the Global to all globals with the same name.

Using “Get” at the same time it’s being “Set”, you could either not get the set value first or accidentally reset the global. Only use “Get” if the global has a value but its not being changed with “Set” or “+”.

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sorry, im not understanding :frowning:

It’s a little weird heh, but usually dont use a get input if the player is always sending its X through it.

Globals activate on their own if 1 object is changing its values (Player Always sending is X position).

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yea, i used the set input.

it still doesnt work… if you cant help me, its fine.

When I restart the game, all the race tracks is working for me with the progress bar.
I don’t know what else to tell you…

is the progress bar player going back to the start? for you? because mines gets stuck at the end. go all the way to the end of the track and pass the finish line.

I never went that far, you’ve just been saying it wasn’t working at all.

But I see what happening now, make a new global that uses the player x without changes.
The global thats being sent is being added every lap for the positioning system.

So you just need a new global just the tell the progress bar where the player is in the level.

I used “Play X” for the new global name.

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no it was working.

ill try it