extractor forgetting

My game i’ve been making has been going really good but one thing is really annoying me I have two enemys that follow you but every time I do something it deletes it and I have to put it in again this is a link to my game https://flowlab.io/game/play/1312591 the bug affects bat 2 and surfing zombie

Are you selecting both the type and object in the extractor menu?
Also try reloading the game and adding new extractors and replace those.

I’ve tried both of those things sometimes they remember but usually they don’t

Hey @jessetime360 - the extractor isn’t forgetting. Here’s the thing though, in level one you have a surfing zombie that is pointing to the object of type “Player” with name “Object 1085”. That player object only exists in level two. Basically the issue is that the zombie is trying to extract the property from an object that doesn’t exist in that level.

Both player objects have the same object Type (player), but they are different objects.

I should make an error message that figures out and alerts when this happens: https://trello.com/c/MxWdbSJx/251-need-an-error-message-for-the-case-where-extractor-points-to-object-that-doesnt-exist-in-current-level

Thank you! I had no idea