Extractor not extracting: Gator Panic

@grazer I’m not sure if this was due to the new update or not, but this issue just started happening in my new work in progress: Gator Panic https://flowlab.io/game/view/1359018

There are two extractors pulling the x value from the Airboat (Object 1): One is in the Wake on the Game level, and the other is the HUD map icon on the UI level.

The Wake should extract the airboat’s x and subtract -32 from the value to position it behind the boat.

The HUD map icon should extract the airboat’s x and divide by 1200 so that for every 1200 pixels the boat travels the map icon moves 16 pixels forward (I haven’t finished the filter set up, but I’ve had trouble in the past where filters have needed to be “equal” in a fast moving evaluation value… but that’s a separate issue).

When i try to watch the extracted x values in live test mode, it appears the x of the airboat veers wildly to the left (negative numbers, but i have no idea where that value is coming from. The currently have the airboat’s true x value displayed in blue under the CANS counter (apparently extract from THIS x works as expected).

FYI: The pink number is y value of the airboat and the green number should be the value of the x/1200 to show what portion of the map the icon should be in)

Can someone please take a peek and let me know if they see something suspect? Thanks!!!

I thought this was a little weird too, it acts like this x instead of other x when I was helping someone else.
I used a work around but I think this is a bug. @grazer



Homing Missile Example:

It’s fixed, Extractors should work now @todorrobot!