Plain and simple, can you make extractors have the same options as proximity for choosing which object to take values from? Right now you need to put in the specific object you extract from, meaning it won’t work across levels.

This isn’t necessary at all, you don’t “need” extractors to find values, proximity and switch works just as well, but it would be nice to use the extracted for what it was designed for.

The current extractor takes the value of what you need, from other objects or itself.
Why do you need the extractor to work across levels?
Anything that’s not on the current level isn’t loaded.

Also extractors need to be a specific object because you can’t extract X values from several of the same object.

Extractor does exactly what it should. If you have Timmy, Kimmy, Jimmy, and Bimmy, and you want to extract the X position of Timmy, you don’t want the X position of the other 3 clones.

You also wouldn’t use it between levels, because that object doesn’t exist in all levels.

If you have a different Timmy in every level, you can have Timmy send a message with the X to the player, instead. Just make sure there is only 1 Timmy per level, or all of them, Timmy, Kimmy, etc, all the clones, will message the player at the same time.

Specific object extraction works exactly as it is supposed to.

Make the opposite. Make the target object send its coordinates to the other object. That way it works across all levels.

Really it all depends if he wants enemies to know the player data, or if he wants the player to know the enemy data.