Fade out level transitions? (Also jump-right/jump-left animation issue)

I’m trying to make it so when I transition to another level, rather than the scene just cutting in and out abruptly, I want the screen to fade out and the new screen to fade in, how do I do this. I’ve seen this in “The Graveyard” but I’m not sure how to do it even when trying to scope it in the editor.

Also while I’m at it, when I jump straight up the animation I have plays. But when I press up and right or up and left at the same time to jump at an angle, the animation doesn’t play.

I want to do these in my game I’ve been working on http://flowlab.io/game/play/786820

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1. Improve the jittery overlay in game
I don’t understand what you mean

2. Make a more appealing menu
Just train and draw I guess… I think there is not a special formula…

3. Fix jump-right and jump-left
Make this:
Jump animation (play) -> (stop) all other animations
or if that doesn’t work
Jump animation (play) -> Timer or repeater (it’s new) -> (stop) all other animations

4. Make smooth level transitions
Create a sprite in the GUI layer with the size of your screen then just add and remove alpha.

You can check it out on Awakening the 4. example in the menu of the game

@PixelPizza Sweet, you just answered all the questions I messaged you with. Most of the problems I wrote in the description of the game is more of a personal to-do list, that’s why I have “make a more appealing menu” in there.

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Also @PixelPizza I can’t quite figure out still how to do the smooth level transition. I did what you said and even tried the code in “The Graveyard” and still couldn’t get it working.

Mine is even easier and simple, heres the code… It activates with a message:


Awesome, thank you, Ill try it.