Fake 3D rotation

And another snippet from my tinkerbrain.

Fake 3D rotation as sometimes used on other game engines. Really simple, just stacked 2d slices, but tricky to manage.
Hope you like :slight_smile:

There must be a better way to manage it, maybe just 1 sprite and putting the slices into animation frames.
But that’s up to the experts here :stuck_out_tongue:

Very clever,
animations could work but the pixel changes would be noticeable at some points of the rotation (though may keep the depth). You may be able to use less objects by using 1 main object and 1 or more shadow objects. Certainly more layers would make more depth but could perform similar affects.

Hmmm, shadow object, great suggestion @“JR 01” :slight_smile:
Yeah, I know the toast looks a little bit crumbly at the edges, that pixels even worse. Was from some beepstudio tutorial where I grabbed it.

UPDATE: replaced the toast with some car model I found :slight_smile:

Reminds me, can I abuse the ‘parent’ option?