Falling Platform Example

I’ve sat on this idea for a while and have finally gotten around to making a little example for falling platforms! It’s really nothing special, I just thought it was a simple little mechanic people may want to learn. There are notes in the editor to understand how it works rather than just copying and pasting the behaviors without really knowing what’s going on.

Here’s the link: Flowlab Game Creator - Falling Platform Example

I don’t know if @grazer is taking requests for examples to add to the list but if he is I hope he’ll consider this.

Hope this helps someone!


Nice use of kinematic objects!
I wish Grazer allows Motors for Kinematic objects cause I think that would make a better affect.
Only suggestion I have is that it would look cleaner with bundles, like a fall and reset bundle.

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I thought the behaviors weren’t too clustered but I’ll try to clean it up a bit.

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It’s really not, but I’m a bundle freak lol

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It would be a nice example for the Bundle Library if you want.

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That sounds great! As long as I get a bit of credit I’ll gladly let you bring it to the Bundle Library.

(Sorry for the late response btw)

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Yep, and the Link will always go to this game.

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I made a Trello card to investigate this. It may be trivial.

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Hey @Greggo - I for sure would like to add this game to the examples page. It’s clean and simple, and illustrates a helpful concept really clearly.


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The title for that Trello sounds like a bug with bundles?
I’m just suggesting to enable motors to use with Kinematic objects.


I was hoping for this, you start to use your glorious title and epic skills for examples!

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Yeah, that was a typo - I meant to type “Motors”


Thank you so much! I’m thinking about doing some other examples too.

Most of them are for different types of platforms so maybe one day I’ll just make a big example with a bunch of different platforms examples to try out.

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