False 3d driving test

This is game I made to try to make a false 3d driving game. One issue I have is if the road is a background object there can be no animation and if it is a regular object the players car always go under the road so yeah. The sprites and everything were made quickly and I already know how I could make this a complete racing game.

Hey, interesting approach. The game world layer has 3 layers inside of it, so you could put the road on layer 1, and the cars on layer 2 so they don’t clash. Would that work?

Oh, I actually already made a concept for a Pole Position clone in the past, but I deleted it since I didn’t like it. Basically, you have the bottom half of the screen change animation that plays with a tick counter. The longer you hold up, the higher your score, and the filters change the road turns animations. Alongside this, the sky pans left or right in the background, and the scroll cam is set to loop the image. As for cars, they are spawned in by an invisible emit at 0% and grow while moving. Each car is given 3 behaviors. All 3 have size on an ease, but depending on your up score, it turns on and off the off switches to tell the car if it moves straight, or diagonal left/right. Driving off to the right or left of the road slows you down by setting a new number as your velocity, and eases back up when you get on the road. The concept was really nice and all, but I didn’t want it for some reason, like my Star Wars fps space shooter, I didn’t like it, idk. I do plan on making the concept again in the future for a sort of Temple Run, New Sonic game aspect, where you jump over objects before they zoom 100%