Fang In Techno Planet

Fang In Techno Planet

Fang In Techno Planet Is Finally Here!
And It is A Sequel To Sonic In Ocean Valley
After Two Years Of Development And This Time You Are Playing As The Bad Guys!
Here is The Link To Play This Games

Flash Player Verison:
Html5 Verison:
Fang In Techno Planet New Title Screen
How To Play
Arrow Keys/D-Pad/Analog Stick To Move Left And Right

                                                                                          Spacebar  To Jump


After The Event Of Sonic In Ocean Valley,Fang Machine Was Destory By Sonic And Dash.
Fang Goes Run Off To A Boat To Make Sure Sonic And Friends Can’t Even Find Him Off To The Island
A Couple Months Later! Fang Was Still Sleeping In The Boat And Sonic Lost The Power To Tranform Into Super Sonic
And All Of Sonic Chaos Emerald Was Going To This Strange Island Called Fancy Island And Fang Was Still Sleeping In The Boat.
Until There is A Storm Start Lighting Him Off!
Fang Almost Died Until Bean Did Operation On Him And Fang Start Wake Up After That Lighting From The Boat
Bean Said To Fang Hello Fang Welcome To Fancy Island And Fang Said Fancy Fancy Island That Named Sound Sweet!
And Fang Leave Bean And Start Going On An Adventure Alone.
It Up To Fang Steal All Of Sonic Chaos Emerald And Steal The Victory From Sonic.

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