Fauxport City is Under Development!

Fauxport City

What is It?

A free roam driving game, with a story too. I’m using it to test sprite-stacking and other things I’ve been wanting to try. Hoping to have 2+ hours of campaign.

Are you quitting other projects?

No, everything from Small House to Aurora is still in development, this is just priority.

Steps I’ve Taken in Development:

  • I’ve accomplished my first input username UI.
  • Car controls
  • Developer only features
  • Sprite-Stacking
  • Car Art (I’ve never made car art so pretty cool to me)

Steps I’m Hoping to Take

  • Leaderboard
  • Quests
  • Trails
  • More Cars
  • Currency
  • Huge City
  • UI Map to see your Current Location
  • Ramps, it’ll be hard… but possible (probably just going to attach it to an object that is highest layer and is not-solid.
  • 2+ hours of campaign and story.

Thanks for reading!

EDIT: Development steps I’ve taken and steps I’m going to take might be a bit outdated, to see recent posts scroll down.

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Just added the link if anyone was wondering.

Wow, looks great :slight_smile: This sprite stacking stuff is really taking off.

It’s kind of hard to drive, or maybe I just suck at it.


Hah, i don’t think you suck at it I might just be really good at it! I have tested it at least a million times if that helps my case. I’d recommend using Q on hard turns though! Though, this is all intentional because I want it to be one of those games where you’re a “noob” driver when you start but eventually know your ways around the map and the controls from memory.

Due to recent negotiation with my thoughts, I’ve decided to take the link off the post.

The link will now only be available, to testers I accept into the discord server for this matter.

If you’d like to be a test, I’m taking 2 people, and you must have fully opted into not giving any info. prior to development of the game, or generality of the game AT ALL.

You must have discord and you can DM me if you’d like to be a tester @DinoDev#9016.

—> DinoDev

I’m not very good at the driving either, yet. I’ve been spoiled by console controllers in driving games. But I used to play similar kinds of driving games, so I can probably relearn it. Like riding a bike!

By that I mean, when I was a kid, I knew how to ride a bike! I’d occasionally fall off and skin my knee or something.

As a middle aged adult, I can still probably try to ride a bike! Though every muscle in my body will ache while doing it, and when I fall off, I’ll probably need to go to the hospital. :laughing:

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Driving backwards is the new cool!

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Here’s one of many music files!

will most likely be used in a night club scene!


I didn’t get much development in today.

What I did get done:

  • Destroy trees when driving into them
  • Rocks that will destroy on collision but will slow you down
  • Worked on the car visuals
  • added menu music
  • changed box visuals
  • Changed background color

I think that’s all I did this morning.

I was gone for 90% of the day due to a sporting event going on that took up most of my day. Work should get more productive in the coming days!


Ken Block Drifts London – EXTENDED Director’s Cut | Top Gear | BBC - YouTube

Drift big or go home. :grin:


Today’s Update!

What I’ve added:

  • A working tutorial

Yep… Not much but it’s something!



Just a small reminder, I’m taking one more tester for development.

If, you haven’t seen my other post… Here are the requirements:

  • Give NO info. prior to Fauxport, in real life or online.
  • You must have discord (Add me, DinoDev#9016)

I’m always looking for feedback and suggestions!

How does a game that started 2 days ago and isn’t even available for anyone but 3 people have 60 plays?.. Must’ve been when I had the link available…

Dang discourse… people can still use the link if they look into the edits… @grazer, is there a way to turn this off or completely delete the link from the post?

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I just tried classical piano for the first time on bandlab, kind of struggling but I’ll work on it!

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Do you have discord…?
If not, I could probably still make a private message… You just won’t get all the features like future plans, all the music, and reminders (for myself lol). I can still give you the link and pictures… I can give you everything that I post on the discord server, but I’d probably forget more and you’ll get less stuff since I have bad memory lol


I don’t got discord. I wish, but school blockised it.

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Alright, I’ll add you to a private message then.

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Daily Update!

  • Added timer to tutorial
  • Added control settings to switch between easy controls and realistic controls (harder)

Things I’m still planning to add this evening:

  • Race Statistics Screen
  • Parking Garage (car customization even after the tutorial)
    @hihilogic, @TGW

Here’s something I made (super simple) with the new (in beta) zoom option for the camera behavior!

Sorry that took me like 20 minutes to send it from my computer to my ipad since I have no clue how to use a screen recording file here, it says it needs to be a different file which idk how to get since idk :man_shrugging: