Feature request, new project!

After a private poll I’ve decided to wrap things up with SCP: World’s End for now and move on to another project; a horror game.

Now, for the feature request. I’m going to be requesting a pan & zoom block. Percentages and block exact pixel sizes would be great! What I can see working for this is a Zoom block that adds pixels or percentages to the screen’s zoom. For a pan, it could be an extension of the Camera block where it only moves the screen some pixels in a specific direction, but keeps the auto scrolling feature enabled. I don’t think that the camera pan is as important as the primary request, since using extractors and a little bit of math will allow you to do the same thing.

With this new request, I also request slightly edited Game Settings to fit the new camera functions: Screen size (in blocks) and Screen View (in blocks or pixels). This would choose how big the screen is and how much in shown in that area.

Why am I requesting these features again, now? Well, for starters it’s a decently requested feature as well as a really useful tool. I’m pleading for it now particularly because I’m going to be making my first horror game, and after being inspired by Little Nightmares (Trailer below) I’ve decided to attempt my own version of it. Thanks for reading,

(Trailer as promised!)


looks good @meburningslime

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Thanks @bentley.holmquist!
@grazer @Mhx_Aîr

thanks for what/…

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The support lol

do you mean to edit the screen size real time

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Yes I do it’d be super useful

Little nightmares 2 you mean right??? RIGHT!!!

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Are inspired by Little Nightmares actually


@bitwit my life is never fulfilled…

Anyways I’m not planning on it being a ripoff, I’m gonna implement many new features, I just now know how to captivate the user.

Zoom features have been asked for a while now, and it is also in the Trello for Flowlab.

It will be a bit of time before something like this would be added, but the next planned major update will be focused on the Sprite Editor.

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What is this in response to lol?

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That I can never make a game without someone already making it…

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You know, most art and mediums are just slight variations on old work anyway. What is important are the differences of your game to others

Well that’s not what people said after Notes and Waves came out lol. Still thanks for the advice I’ll work on it.

I know @JR_01 and thanks for the link, I’m just trying to keep it relevant and a priority.