feature requests. (not necessary but helpful)

undo button in the code editor (people have said this before but I just accidently deleted a whole bunch of work so i thought of it again.)

a bundle option where you can choose “set all (raycasts) in this bundle to (ground)” this means that in the first brackets, you choose something. (raycasts, collisions)
and in the second brackets you choose an object type.

this would be really helpful for my auto tiling bundle that i use between games, then i wouldn’t have to manually change all raycasts to “ground”

I’ve also noticed that when changing the colour of an object (enemy flashes white when hit for example) black doesn’t change to the colour that is set. is this a bug, or is that
how it’s supposed to work? Either way, I would appreciate if there was a way to make the black change with the rest of the colours, maybe as a check box, kind of like the “don’t
pause this object” but “black changes with other colours”

I’m really sorry if I just don’t know how colours work.

alright I think that’s it. thanks for reading (:

@F3Art colors are extracted out of what colors are already in there. For example there is no blue in a red square lol. Black has no color scientifically and in coding. It is the absence of light, or In coding, a 000 light.

Hey @F3Art here’s why the color filtering doesn’t work maybe the way you expect. You may know some of this already, so I apologize if you already understand it, but maybe others don’t:

Every pixel in your sprite is represented by 4 numbers: Red, Green, Blue, and Alpha (a.k.a. transparency). For this, we only care about the first 3: R,G, & B. The color values can be any number from 0 (empty) to 255 (completely full). So this means that 0,0,0 is completely black and 255,255,255 is completely white.

The way the color filter works is that it multiplies the input value for each color with the existing color values of every pixel to generate the new sprite pixel colors.

As an example, lets look at a single pixel, and say that it is completely white, so Red = 255, Green = 255, and Blue = 255. If you input pure red into the Color inputs (Red = 100%, Green = 0%, Blue = 0%) then the resulting pixel color becomes:

(Starting with White:255,255,255)
Red -> 255 * 100% = 255
Green -> 255 * 0% = 0
Blue -> 255 * 0% = 0

So the new pixel is 255, 0, 0 - or pure Red only.

If instead the pixel is black, then a pure red filter looks like this:

(Starting with Black:0,0,0)
Red -> 0 * 100% = 0
Green -> 0 * 0% = 0
Blue -> 0 * 0% = 0

So the new pixel is still 0,0,0, or still Black.

What this means is that if you start with all 0 color channels, then filtering it will have no effect. If you want to make sure that the darker areas of your sprite get some color filtering too, then try making them lighter, just definitely not pure black.

Let me know if any of this doesn’t make sense.

I am going to add that to my list of quotes so next time you can’t do that lol

@grazer I think I get it.

I definitely did not know how colours worked.

But know I do. Thanks!

So the colour filtering would still work with a very dark grey, correct?
Just not solid black.

@F3Art somewhat yes. It obviously won’t work as well as brighter colors though. My recommendation is to start with white, then bring it down to black at the beginning of the game

A really cool feature that I would want added is when you start up a new discussion there is a new tag saying that you need help with a specific item or something, but the discussion will have a flag or some item on it to symbolize that the owner of the discussion is still looking for an answer. When someone finds a solution and it works then the owner could disable the flag so it shows that he found a successful solution. So that way anyone who is looking the forums for someone that needs help they can see if someone needs it or they already found an answer.

@ManiacPumpkin I have realized the same problem. However, I am working on a solution! Whenever somebody has a problem, I make a page on the flowlab wiki answering that problem.

Okay. I actually have a few more request but I might wait before sharing them.

I was looking at you wiki an it says that free accounts get 3 levels and 100 sprites which is incorrect cause you actually get 5 levels and 50 sprites.

To let you know @meburningslime i would sacrifice two levels for 50 more sprites.

@ManiacPumpkin ok.