Features that will help us with a new category of games!

think about an online battle game but 3D… Online multiplayer and 3D games will open new categorys of games like… Simulators, battle royale, hangout areas, and etc…
@grazer if you add these everyone would come to your website and hangoout with online people and ply games and even make even more games! This is prob every flowablian dream to have (When you do can you make an example game please?)

lemme know ur thoughts

I like both ideas, but first multiplayer is already a thing but is currently getting fixed! 3D has been asked for a lot and I think it would really improve flowlab, but it would really really change how flowlab works @natotomatoe

3D is not gonna work with this engine, you could make it look 3D with sprites but actual 3D would need a whole new engine. Multiplayer has been in the works, it worked before with Flash but Flowlab is HTML now, so the HTML Multiplayer is still in the works.

JR 01 is right. There are also no plans for 3D in the future. It’s not going to be a thing.

Even grazer recommends people to use a different game engine like Unity if you want to create a 3D game. You’ll have to learn a programming language though (C#). It’s definitely worth it!

Here’s a list for some new updates @grazer Could do. Do you Agree? Do you wish something to be added? Post it in the Forum! These could also help with what your talking about: