Hey, @grazer it’s me. Here are some features that I think would improve flowlab a lot.

  1. Collider editor ( That you could edit the collider of the object in the editor )

  2. Shader behavior or plugin, For an indie, education, and studio (For example a nanosecond of a flash of glitch or a cool curved screen)

  3. Behavior that could disable and enable code in other objects, Really useful.

  4. Way way more tutorial video’s because some people don’t understand the structure of flowlab and editor ( Some are having a difficult time understanding multiplayer. )

Screen Shot 2020-08-30 at 20.39.32

  1. Add a connect behavior or plugin. Because some people don’t want their character to connect right away to other players. For example, if you’re on a level with shops and buttons that contain your game currency and when you click play you will be sent to another level then the connect plugin would enable.

  2. Admin commands on multiplayer if you’re the owner or admin Because some people have programs that could find a way to cheat. Admin plugin.





Message a user,

Or add more commands and connect those commands with behavior for example.




Those kinds of things Ya.

  1. Upgrading the pixel editor. For example, adding a line tool in the editor, And a selection tool to select that select pixel without moving the entire frame or pixel of the object in the pixel editor.

  2. A line tool in the game editor for example. If you’re making a game and you’re making a house but you put many and many blocks on one select grid and when you play the game. The blocks would overlap each other by accident that would be three or five blocks in one piece of a grid so adding a line tool would help to build a level so you could select an object to add it on the line tool to grid it out without adding multiple blocks.

  3. The advertising you’re game engine because advertising you’re game engine would increase lots of traffic. More people would make games on your game engine and may be published on itch.io maybe some YouTubers would start talking about you’re game engine and the marketing of indie, and education, and the studio would increase tremendously.

Yeah lol

I have NO idea how to work multiplayer

There is a Multiplayer Handbook,
located on the Help page > Multiplayer Handbook:


It explains everything you need to know about Multiplayer :slight_smile:

Also know that multiplayer is also still in beta, so fixing and adding features are to come in the future.

Check out the trello for reports and fixes coming to Flowlab, including Multiplayer:

I have literally sent you a multiplayer guide six times in the last month @R0CK lol! I also gave you a web address to find more!
As for the admin commands, I think that will be possible as soon as grazer adds in my request of typing strings of letters. This will help drastically in chat, which will then allow for perms and commands.
A collision editor would be nice, maybe as a toggleable layer in the editor so animations could change it. With that, a Hitbox block that changes size by percentage as well as pixel would be amazing.

@meburningslime. Sorry

: (

Multiplayer is hard to understand.

@R0CK I also said I’d answer any questions you have and I still will XD

Do you think that The edit collider and enable and disable behavior would be an awesome idea?