Feed back

I am nowhere finished with my game but it would be nice to have some feedback to know what you all think or would like.
There is the link.

Hey, nice work so far. I got stuck when I tried to talk to the wizard though.

Yea, I am still working on that level. so far so good though.
Thanks :slight_smile:

@MrMunchkin21 I think you should make the tower farther away because I found it before I was done reading text and it over lapped.

@Bestotted_Puppy Ok i will do that. Thank you.

If you have played my game then you can tell that I am no artist by any means. I accept defeat so I have come here. If anyone can create a side walking animation for my character then I will put it in the game with your name in the credits and the description. http://flowlab.io/assets/users/50/user_504967/game_733775/img_asset_3403193.png
There is the animation slides that I have.