Few things for flow

i think they should add a option for freeform placing on the game world because i tried to use smaller objects in my game and they are too small so freeform building should be a option…!

I think you’re talking about disabling snap-to-grid, similar to the option in the sprite editor. It has been suggested before a few times.

Also custom grid sizes like 16x16px or 24x24px would be useful. Now we are restricted to use 32x32px sprites, which is not always what I want.

Totally agreed, guys. I think it would be awesome if we could make sprites bigger than the screen size. So, instead of restricting the sprite size to the size of the screen, it could be maxed up to the camera behavior, and the distance it will follow you would be how big sprites could be. Now, this would be completely absurd, and would probably need a number picker so that you didn’t have to use the scale and drag, but otherwise, this could be a great opportunity for programmers who wanted to create more unique backgrounds, instead of having come across the same lake every 10 blocks or so, or for people who use their brains and make seperate sprites for every bit, they wouldn’t have to waste sprites and just do it all in one… /= Long explanation of a simple idea, but I think this is an awesome suggestion. Good idea @Frost!!!