Fez Concept

For those of you unfamiliar with Fez, it’s a 2D game in a 3D world.
Basically you can use the newly understood 3D powers to rotate the world around you.
Since Flowlab is NOT 3D, I made a quick and simple concept on how to make a rotation illusion.
Currently, I only made it so you go around to the right and front side of the building.
I could keep working on it, and make an entire game using this concept, but I was only building this, before adding it to Diamondsion Assault HD Beta. Of course, I will actually put effort and transition into the DA version.

Here’s the link. 1 is for left turn, 2 is for right turn. I only spent about 15, 20 minutes.
Don’t expect much, it is very buggy. Sometimes you need to jump before rotating again.

That’s very cool. Also has a kind of teleport vibe to it.

Could make for a very interesting game.

Well if you see this Fez video, you will get what it’s supposed to simulate.

That’s so great. Probably built in Unity if I had to guess.

Edit: I updated the graphics and gameplay, manually myself.
There was no ripping or anything, I just made my own sprites, so hope it looks much better now :slight_smile:

That’s awesome stuff, really cool. I keep wanting to jump on the top platform but head keeps bashing underneath it…

Well I tried like 30 things for the grass enable disable, but unfortunately, there’s a bug where keypresses and switches do not effect it. You can jump around the corners of it.

Wouldn’t it be best to create your own character rather than clone Fez? You could take the concept and develop your own game. I think that could be the way to go?

Well I’m a huge fan of Fez, it was a very well put together game, and it was packed with secrets, Easter eggs, and conspiracies. After years of research, nobody has solved all of the mysteries behind the game. There’s so much more to it that we don’t understand. We even tried bruteforce hacking the stuff out of it to solve half of them, but then we discovered much more.

Anyway, I would love to make a Fez fan game, because the creator cancelled Fez II, since stupid COD fans and such harassed him that 2D games were crap, and his whole company was garbage.