File download - project

My laptop crashed and I lost everything. Is there a way to download all my sprites and images?

yeah… but…

Hey Mhx, that sucks :frowning:

Yeah, there are a couple of ways. This is probably the simplest:

  • Click “Build for Desktop”
  • Install your game and play through it on your computer
  • Open up the game folder that was installed, all the sprites will be downloaded

If that is too much of a pain, I can probably zip up the assets for you.

Does the game work for mac?

Yeah, the games work fine on a Mac.

Hey Mhx,

I just deployed an update to the installer - if you click “Build for Desktop” and then install, all the sprites should be in a folder with your game.

Alright thanks, I need to buy a new laptop. Idk what I’m gonna do til then.
Can’t really afford it, but I’ll download the project on a computer to my flashdrive for then.