Filter doesn't trigger?

So I have a filter that is set to ‘equal to 305’ with a proximity going into it, and a button press. I made it so that the button press and the proximity will make 305, but without the button press, it only makes 304, so it doesn’t trigger unless the button is pressed, and you are close to the object. However, in practice, the filter doesn’t trigger the pass, when the button is pressed and the character is close to the ground.

So the button equals 1? Nice “and gate” idea. Post a link and I’ll look at it when I get home in a few hours.

Thanks for the help, but i found a much simpler and gate. two inputs, one into the on, and one into the in.

Oh yeah, switches work too. I wish @grazer would put and gates back in. They were in the original version of flowlab. Two items go to two ins, and nothing comes out unless both ins are active.

wait why is that removed

That would be incredibly helpful

Not sure. There were and, but, or, nor and xor behaviors. I use these a lot in LBP logic, so I was surprised when they were removed, because they’re very very useful.