Final Days

It’s my first game since getting indie version :slight_smile:
The basic idea is similar to hyrule warriors: capture keeps, etc… and the background theme is from nintendo. Thankfully everything’s going pretty smoothly!
I’m hoping to make this a big project later on, but for now I’m still adding basics.
In the game you play as a UFO (because it’s easy to draw), going around capturing keeps and killing enemies. There’s no story or goal at this moment, and the player is invincible for testing purposes

The controls: WASD and J to shoot (@Pixelpizza’s controls) plus K for a direct attack. Bullets need charging but direct attacks don’t.
Support button: If you need help, or need an army for an attack, press this button. A part of all allied minions will come to you (sometimes they’re far away and need time to reach you). A few seconds cooldown every use (will be less frequent later)
Outposts: blue ones spawn ally minions every 15 seconds, red ones spawn enemies.
Enemy minions chase you if you’re close. You can kill them with minions or your weapons.
Keeps: there are currently 2 keeps. Attack the diamond in the middle!
And that’s about it. Feedback is important so please post if you can :slight_smile: (and much credit to nintendo)

Also you have to skip 1 level

Hey I like this… Good Job and Good luck

There’s actually 3 keeps, but the purple one’s not yet finished. Wish you luck on Awakening as well :wink:

Finished the general idea of level 1! New features:
All 3 keeps are playable, but the player is still invincible
To unlock the door to lv2, one must capture all three keeps.
Advanced minions: enemies and allied alike, these guys move a lot faster than the original, slightly tougher and independent. The enemies chase you from a lot farther away. Diamond-shaped and darker colors.
Three-diamond outposts: Spawns an advanced minion every 30 seconds.

Aaand another update!
Level 2 is all about holding out until allied forces come to rescue you. No weapons at start! You have to find the sacred sword (not yet added) to have a chance at fighting back. Your village, now a wasteland, is being invaded by enemy forces and you’re their only remaining target.
What’s new:
-Chaser enemies: looks like enemy minions but are faster and can spot you from a long distance.
-Nets: lure chasers into nets to kill them
-Teleporters: go in an underground passageway to teleport.
-Blades= simple blades that mindlessly go back and forth.

Please tell me any comments/suggestions if you have one!

I was going to have a spin-off of Starblast that involved 4 players painting the the grid (now 8 times it’s original size) to create territory. And after a certain time period each player would spawn in a tower, and would defend it while sending enemies to invade others, or attack the towers themselves and set down turrets to defend with. But this would only work with the LAN request.

After a base is destroyed, its respective player would die along with the enemies/turrets spawned, and the grid they captured would become claimable again.

Sometimes neutral bosses would spawn in, and threated to destroy all the bases- resulting in a draw. Players would have to temporarily team up to defeat it.

Ah… so like protecting the allied base while capturing the enemy base. And for neutral forces we can have rogue forces… really cool idea, thnx @jngthree
And then there’s the matter of bosses, thinking of one AND executing it would be hard… Maybe a giant centipede or something?

Sounds like a good idea.

And again, a new update!
In lv2 there are 3 waves you must survive (though invincible for now) to reach the giant boss! You can use the sword attack with K.
Wave 1 30 secs. Normal chaser enemies only.
Wave 2 30 secs. Normal AND advanced chasers. Advanced chasers are very fast and resistant but are way less accurate.
Wave 3 60 secs. Normal AND advanced chasers, plus tanks. Tanks don’t chase you around but aim and fire at you. TOTAL CHAOS!!
After the two minutes are over all enemies and outposts will disappear and a cutscene will start, marking the entrance of the Giant Centipede. To play lv2 you have to get rid of the black ui box in the editor. Of course, this is only temporary.
The centipede is sent from the rogue forces, that’s the reason enemies retreated- that’s what I’ll probablh stick to.

Add multiple rouge forces, and make them combat each other rather than just you

Sure, but for now I’m stuck on the boss design XD
the crappy introducing cutscene took me like 45 minutes to make, how long will it be before I can make a decent-looking boss?!

Well, the way my redesigned boss mode in Starblast uses an object that serves as the parent for all of the bosses and carries basic stuff like health.

However, the bosses will target the player and behave separately.

This seems tedious at first, but it’s definitely a time-saver

I forgot there was that feature :sweat_smile:
Mainly it’s the design and animations I’m worried about, I suck at spriting :persevere:
mostly because I’m impatient to get things done. To actually make the boss’s animated attacks look moderately good, it’ll take like two weeks.
I’m going offline for five days next week anyway, so it’ll be delayed for a lot longer than I hoped to actually finish lv2.

nvm now

A new update has been made… on the giant centipede!
-The graphic sucks, but it’ll have to do for now
-Added boundaries to LV2
-The giant centipede may:
Point at the player when he’s close
Randomly move forward really fast
Shoot out rogue minions
Shoot out rogue speeders
Shoot out centipede lasers
Create vortexes
-The Centipede will appear after all three waves are over, so to test you must survive through it…
-When it first appears, it will spawn 20 rogue forces at random strength (minions/speeders)

More will be added soon!

*The boss music is Bull’s Eye, credit to KDrew

i dont find the boss :confused:

but the game is going well :slight_smile: keep going

The boss should show up at the end of level 2 (about 60 seconds after wave 3). Then an intro animation would show, and giant centipede would appear at the top of the arena. Hope this helps!

Lv2 is pretty much finished. What’s new:
The player has 50 lives total, when it’s completely depleted you will have to restart the level.

Enemy/rogue minions and speeders, sawblades, the centipede etc etc will each deal 1 damage upon contact. It’s not as small as it seems, so watch out for that. Hearts can sometimes be found after defeating an enemy speeder, which restores 10 lives. The centipede can sometimes emit a large fireball that deals 10 damage.
The boss now has more attacks and more movement control. It also has 10 lives, which can only be chipped away by luring it into sawblades. You can only get its attention by getting very close to it, which means dodging attacks will be very difficult. It’s hard!
Direct attacks don’t affect tanks or rogue forces. Rogue minions can be defeated using nets but rogue speeders and tanks are invincible! You just have to outmaneuver them (teleporters could be useful in case of r.s.) until they eventually disappear.
Also I have to find a permanent mp3 code for the boss music. Every site I found either has only mp3 addresses that last for 2 refreshes or are infested with slot machine spams or fake “virus code detected, if you close this window the computer will instantly format itself and bflairuwskhfdvdvwjvt”
so… any help on that would be appreciated

Lives!? So he can die 50 times!?! Don’t you mean health?

I hate those sites.