Finally a NEW SERIES!

Okay, so even though I am 14, I still have put this video out for your information. Please watch this, and SUBSCRIBE to watch my every next video!

Link for video:
Link for Discord:

Hey it’s me GrimWither on YouTube which i just commented on your video. Got to say pretty neat. I heard you kept saying that you were bad at stuff so I couldn’t help but think maybe I could help you get better at coding and pixel art and stuff. I know I was going to do some tutorials about advanced stuff. I was also mostly going to do pixel art tutorials. And of course I play games because why not. How about we sub to each other and join each other’s discord’s. Also how are you only 14. You look 16 to me. But yeah think about my offer and stuff. Course we can help each other out. :wink:

I am very excited to work with you. @GrimProductionZ

Me too. I was working with some other YouTubers but they let me down a lot so I’m very exited to see someone who does stuff

Hope we will make a good team and bring in lots of people to join and to help each other out. @GrimProductionZ

Hey, let’s make a deal. I will tell people about your youtube channel, and you will tell everyone that I have a youtube channel. @GrimProductionZ

Sounds great so basically we give each other shout outs and stuff.

yep , something like that. Did you join my discord? link: @GrimProductionZ

Not yet I will tonight also what time do you stay up like in how many hours will you go to bed.

@GrimProductionZ, I go to bed around 9:00 and wake up at 6:30.

Ok, sorry for replying late I saw this before but am just now replying. I have a question do you have a phone number I could use to verify my Apple ID I do not have a phone so yeah kind of sucks I don’t

Umm @Tim01 you still there?

Yes I am still here. @GrimProductionZ

You did not answer my question but it’s ok I got it handled so now I can edit and post videos now.

Um, Sorry, I was busy with a TEST. Um but how do you want to help?

Umm imma just let you look at the message it would be more simple instead of chatting on two places ok :slight_smile: