2's new feature

Pretty sure everyone’s at least heard of Miitopia, and after playing the full game I decided to make a game with a similar gamestyle.
But the 3d effects are impossible to make here…
So I’ve decided to use flowlab’s 2d feature to make it (although it’s very similar to jngthree’s crystal storm battle system, it’s not related to my game. But partial credit still goes to him for thinking of it first.)
But I didn’t want to make a whole game out of it, so I squeezed that in 2, which now has a title and two possible game modes: Platformer 2 and team battle. Moving the fireball of the title into the “Team battle” icon will trigger the battle.

Goal: push your opponent off-stage using turn-based attacks.
Don’t spam attack buttons when it’s not your turn, or else your opponent will get more turns than you!

SPACEBAR= attack. Varies from force 5, 8, or 12 depending on luck.
Z= step forward. Step forward to lengthen the distance between you and the falling point.
X= Shield. Blocks any attack and sends it hurtling back at 80% its original strength. Disappears after 1 turn, or if it’s hit by an attack or a bullet. Not good against bullets.
C= Bullets. Shoots little bullets, number depends on luck. Sometimes it’s 0. Sometimes it’s 5. Nobody knows!

Possible enemy movements:
Attack, 7-10 force
Step forward

The music is also from Miitopia.
Play it here:

Awesome! Love it

I’m going to bump this thread up because I want to see where it goes. This is really, really cool!