First game ever

I made the first level of a “”“game”“” following the tutorial, with a bug that i turned into a feature and a monster that u can ride at a cost of one hp. If anyone know how i can resolve this little bugs can pls tell me? Sigh, for now i’m sorry, but i can just follow the tutorials, i’ve got lots of things in mind but for now i just don’t know how to put those into my game… Would be cool to make a survival with different kinds of farmable plants/butcheable monsters with different materials, for weapons, armors and usable items crafting systems, a combo/abilities fighting mech ecc… ecc… but i’m just bad at everything for now, hope to get better with practice C.C
if anyone is curious to see how much it’s bad: Flowlab Game Creator - Money Grabber


A few potential solutions I can think of at the moment:

  • You could make the enemy destroy itself instead of damaging the player when they jump on it
  • Make the enemy not solid and disable its gravity, but enable collisions so the player can’t stay on top
  • Try using the position behavior instead of velocity for the enemy using the +x input (more difficult)

Also there’s no need to discredit yourself. As you said, you will get better with practice, just like every game developer does.


Nice, tnx for the ideas, now i just need to get rid of that little stange double jump

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