First game, most recent game, favourite game, game in progress

wondering what your first game, most recent game, and favourite game is.

my first game was this: Flowlab Game Creator - IRON1

one of my favourite games is this: Flowlab Game Creator - Dungeon game

my most recent project is this: Flowlab Game Creator - halloween game

i just thought this would be an interesting post, just to see how much everyone has improved.


I Think This Is My First Game (On This Account):

This Is My First Ever Game: (Its My Old Account)

This Is My Favourite Game:

This Is My 2 Favourite Game:

This Is My Most Recent Game:

My first game:
My most recent game (working on right now):
My favorite game:

This Is Slowly Becoming A Trend

I started in a school account and deleted the ones that are not good so:

First game (thats not the school account or deleted):


most recent: (Im working on the most recent one)

True (why always this 20 character limit!)

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My first game:

My recent & favorite game:

A recommended game of mine:


Your Name Was jroth?

Maybe ‎‎ ‎‎ ‎‎ ‎‎ ‎‎

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, Yeah I Agree

to what? the 20 character thing?

No, Well Yeah It Is Annoying But, I Was Replying To @JR01’s Post

Ok (Can we grazer just remove this 20 character thing?

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my first game was

my favorite [finished] game is

and my most recent project is


@Lyndon_Bork i remember when you made a post about fool’s gold when it wasn’t done! it’s really cool, and I really like the characters.

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The 20 character limit is so people don’t reply small comments and make the the forum long with no information. Everyone has the character limit.


Favorite game: to cut it short because it is in
The oldest game I have:
Most recent, slow project I’m working on with a friend:

One point of the char limit is to prevent someone from posting a comment like “OK” to the discussion. If you only want to type a couple of characters, reconsider whether you are really adding anything helpful.


@grazer, what are your first, favorite, and most recent games you’ve made with flowlab?

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