First level done, how am I doing?

The first level of my game is done. Any tips on what I should add/change/remove?
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Well first, I found it a bit annoying how the info kept on popping up each time I hit it. Maybe make a way so it only does it once? Also, I was not able to go through the platform, maybe because of the alerts, but it could be some of the programming. Other than those two downs I encountered so far, it looks great! Very good looking game, and I cannot wait to see what you got next!

Also, Slime Invasion? Are you going to add the “slimes” later in the game?

@rcreger The alert thing? I thought I had that fixed. Guess I didn’t do it well enough. As for the platform, it probably is because of the alerts, because it works fine for me. As for the slime thing, probably not the final title.

Just fixed the alert thing. The block that helps with messages disappeared. Weird.

Hopefully that saves, and hopefully the not-saving thing doesn’t happen again. And what are you thinking for the final title @“Biscuit Butter” ? I will understand if it isn’t fully developed to that stage.

Nice work on the game, good work on the semi-solid platform. I’ll be adding that method for my example game. I made an example game for semi-solid platforms if your interested:

@rcreger I’m not good at making stories for games, but I changed the description. I was thinking of just calling it Kid’s Quest 2, but if you can think of something better, feel free to suggest.

Maybe because the title itself is “kid”, think of its opposite: Adult. Maybe there is an antagonist trying to make it so the character grows-up, but the character doesn’t want to. Maybe the world he is living in, this whole time, was his imagination, and the adults want to tear it down. If you do this, make sure to show color differences between adult and child. The child’s artwork and color scheme could be bright, vibrant, a playful, as the adults could be dull, boring, or worn out (grays, whites-minimum, blacks-not too much, etc.). You ca take inspiration from the Netflix movie The Little Prince, which is a story about a child in a world that must grow up, but soon realizes that it is more important to remember to be a child at times. Good luck, I hope this helps! Have a great day!

@rcreger , amazing idea! I’ll think about it, but since I have an object limit, I’d rather prioritize gameplay than story. Also, I love your game A Boy In Armor! It has a great story.

Thank you @“Biscuit Butter” ! Thing is, it was originally going to be a game based on art, but I ended up doing both.

Also, if you want, how would you like a review? I can do a review just on this level if you want, but next week will work as well as the Game of the Week draws to a end…

Good game man :+1:

@rcreger If you want to you can. When I reviewed, I wasn’t good at reviewing unfinished games but you can go ahead. I’ll be sure to tell you when the game is done so you can review it fully.

I’ll just review the first level and what I see of it then @“Biscuit Butter” , which it should come out tomorrow, latest Monday unless something else comes up. Good luck with the game, and have a great day! (Also, could you post a submission in the review? It makes it so the other users don’t think I’m just pulling out random games without permission. Thanks! LINK:

Second level also done!

I’m taking suggestions for the next level theme.
(It can’t be a grassland, cave, snow, jungle, desert, or castle.)


City it is!

Good luck @“Biscuit Butter” !