first person game

just a small game im throwing together randomly, its similar to fnaf, but i made a prequel before i heard of it, so…
huge coincidence

interesting approach! I couldn’t get very far, but I like the idea :slight_smile:

thanks! so far its just mindless, but im working on a camera for the entrance of the “map”

just for anyone you look at the button next to the door and click it. If no one is there you turn the light off, and soon check again, IF someone is there, quickly press the red alarm button on your desk. Easy!!

my one and only problem that delayed me was that the alpha dissapeared… so then i couldnt make a monitor that would pop up… it was in the user interface layer
this creepy at all ;D

Freaky,but awesome!

I like the slender game, very interesting - but I have no idea how to play it :slight_smile:

Nice but i dont know how to pay

Simple! Check cam and door. He leaves of you see him at the door. And you need to look at monitor