First robby chapters are out! I have been working on this game. let me know what i should add next (I’m working on the chapter 3 boss right now)

believe it or not i played all 2 chapters about a long time ago



i guess you posted it some where to get help with something

anyway, I want to know what I should make the chapter 3 boss do.

Any ideas?

Donkey Kong style :slight_smile:

You have to work your way up to him while he throws stuff.

Ok, straight platforms will do :wink:

i would suggest making robby slower, make it so that he cant see through walls and that he spawns later with a bigger time limit
its till a gr8 game tho well done

first chapter was ez
second one was hard as heck

u dont have to change anything its gr8 its just that they r sugestions

playing robby chapter 2 be like:Screenshot 2020-06-24 at 11.57.57 AM

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Lol, shameless plugggg

maybe i should add more items that do different things

i’m gonna warn you: chapter 3 is the hardest one yet.

Ok, here is how you beat the boss: when he shoots the yellow balls, you have to get them back at the boss. sometimes you will get lucky and he is gonna miss and shoot himself, but it is not easy. he will try to suck you up and shoot laser walls too.

u should also do a chapter select so that you dont have to work your way through

good idea, I’ll add that right away.

now there is a chapter select