Five player game

To play with 5 people, you will need 2 keyboards so this isn’t really a “5 player game” for most people.
To play with 2 people, any keyboard will work.
To play with 3, you will need a keyboard with a numberpad on the right.
To play with 4 or 5, once again, you will need 2 keyboards.

Sorry if this is kind of click bait.

Link here

The 5th player will be finished soon.

cool game

Thx… did you play alone?


I just played it with my four sibs and it was sooooo fun. Though the swords aren’t useful at all


Do you have indie @XXD3G ?

whats that? @RageDayz

Indie is a paid subscription. It’s the cheapest one you can get (sure, there’s free, but I said paid).

no then @RageDayz

Oh man.

hey @RageDayz I know you said you wanted to invite me to your team I’d be happy to help if you sent an invitation

YOU HAVE INDIE!?!?!??!!?


I would make this a multiplayer game but multiplayer is STRAAAAAAANGE!

ok I joined

Invited you!

:frowning: i wish i had indie, but id have the money…

Hmm… Well when you get (or if) tell me!