[fixed] alert | games may not be saving

To Everyone and @grazer ,
There seems to be a bug that’s affecting everyone (or everyone here so far) that will not let you save your edits in the game.
This occurs no matter what device or browser your on (I just tested Firefox too).
You cannot edit, change, or add anything to the games.
If you do try to edit your game, then do a small or 1 edit to make sure it saves.

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Original Post: When I edited my game DRIVE, the positions of the words won't save and neither will the behaviors. I actually did allot of other things in the shop and ITS ALL GONE now. I try logging out and back in and use different computers but nothing works

this is happening to everyone

by the way can you help me?
i put a discussion : http://forum.flowlab.io/discussion/7032/if-you-are-a-pro-with-flowlab-help-me#latest

I love flowlab.io

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Maybe we should have a ‘save’ icon we click to actually indicate what we have done is saved, or maybe a sign to show us it has auto-saved @grazer ? Thanks!

I don’t know if this is a browser issue but;

When the first time I changed something in Firefox, its stays like that in Firefox. (Small test changes) After this, Firefox doesn’t save again even after closing it. The weird thing is that the changes do not go to the Chrome browser. The chrome is stuck on its last save, So now I have 2 different models of the game on 2 browsers.

lol. which will save? you will never know…

It’s a small test change so I don’t mind

Hey, I’m investigating this issue right now, I’ll update this thread when I have more info. Thanks for emailing me @“JR 01”

It saves for me
Am I the only one?

I just press the play test button when I want to save

This is a really weird one guys. I’ve been digging through the server and client logs trying to figure it out, and I haven’t gotten to the bottom of it yet. So far in my testing, Chrome works fine, and Firefox seems to save everything as expected, but Firefox is not showing any updates.

This means that all the changes seem to be saving correctly in both browsers, but any new changes are not loaded by Firefox.

Please let me know if anyone sees behavior that is different from this.

Ok @grazer,
My main browser I use and my issue is on is Chrome, but like I said, I tested Firefox too.

Also @“Johnny boy”, go back to “my games” then go back to your game and see if your changes really did save. Let us know if it did, I’m hoping this isn’t an account or server issue or even a browser issue (some of my guesses).


I keep going between Chrome and Firefox;
Firefox is always stuck on the last save, but… Chrome for some reason started working again?
I got chrome to bug again, but after that it’s just fixed??
But when ever I do go back to Firefox, It makes the save in chrome so you start again where ever Firefox is at IF you open Firefox.
This still doesn’t explain why chrome just randomly start working, my problem started on chrome.

UPDATE: So I have tracked down the problem, and what is happening is that the server responses are getting cached by the browser (FF especially) when they shouldn’t be. This gives the illusion that your changes were not saved, since when you reload the game it fetches an old copy of the game data from your cache instead of your new changes that are on the server.

So the good news is that I believe I’ve fixed the caching issue going forward by configuring the server responses differently, but unfortunately you’ll need to clear your browser cache manually in Firefox at least:

Preferences -> Privacy & Security -> Clear Data -> Cached Web Content -> Clear

The bad news is that I have no idea why browsers decided to start aggressively caching the server responses today - nothing has changed on the server or client today at all. Possibly something was modified at the CDN (cloudflare) that could have caused this


Ok thanks @grazer! :slight_smile:

@grazer, I still keep having a problem with Google Chrome now and then.
After making changes the first time and re-opening it by refreshing the page or through “my games” it does saves. But reloading the page AGAIN for more changes only loads the first save.

@“JR 01” now that I try it the same happens to me!