[FIXED] Alpha not working on mobile.

Alpha will not work on mobile when set to 0. Any other number will work.

I’ll check it out - is this the same issue you reported for alpha in SB:ME, or is there an another mobile alpha issue too?


This is fixed on ios, i haven’t tested / fixed it on Android yet.

Ok, alpha is fixed on Android too.


@grazer nope, not fixed

So the cases I tested were all fixed - can you point me at a case where it’s broken? Is there something in SBME that’s not working?


The white squares aren’t supposed to show.

Hey @jngthree - I cannot reproduce this. Just to make sure we’re on the same page, I was rebuilding this game: http://flowlab.io/game/play/570896

I built and tested it on both Android and iOS, but they look just the same as the Web version to me (just the one sprite with a white square). Is it a particular mode only that displays this behavior?

Also, I kind of messed up your current build, sorry - I didn’t have the correct icon, so I started it with a cat picture :anguished: It will need a rebuild with the correct icon before you download a new apk.

It’s all the modes.

I’ll rebuild it again, and reupload it.

Dropbox might’ve mixed it up a little.


@jngthree - Is this still an issue, or can we mark it fixed?

@grazer it’s good

Apparently I was getting false feedback as my friend hadn’t got the update from google.

ok, awesome - I’m calling this one fixed then :slight_smile: