[Fixed] Editor View Bug

Hey, @grazer

When you have allot in your game description, the site automaticlly adds a scroll bar to see all of the description of the game.
The bug is that this also translate to the editor and you can also see the rest of the description under the editor.

This isn’t major and I’ve been meaning to post it for a little while now, but I already got a little custom to it.
This problem doesn’t effect anything to the game, but it does get a little annoying to scroll back up to fully see the editor whenever pressing the open editor bottom.

Also if you click the description under the editor, the description goes to edit mode and fits the screen back on the editor. But when you come out of the editor, the description is still in edit mode.

Here’s my game with the description;
Drive: http://flowlab.io/game/view/938307

Image (I used the sprite editor in the image, but it affects all of the editor):

I’ve actually noticed that too @“JR 01” .

I found it like a month ago, but it didn’t really affect anything and I was in the middle of finalizing the shop. I’m kinda use to it now, I just thought I needed to mention it sooner or later.

Also why this doen’t happen in some big descriptive games like Fireball.io 2 is because when opening editor, the running game is closed and the description is moved up and the editor is placed ontop.
The description itself would need to be longer than the screen (longer than the editor).

@grazer fixed it!

no, it’s still happening @meburningslime. just scroll down when in the editor

Well, at least for my terraria game It’s fixed.

The description of Terraria isn’t long enough for the bug @meburningslime.
Take the game out and imagine what the page would look like with just the description.
The description itself needs to be longer than the screen.

I think you are talking about the wrong terraria, then, because the non-beta one is about 3 light years long!

It’s the V3.3, right @meburningslime?
Is this the one we’re both talking about?

Because that one is still too short for the bug… not by much though

Ok. due to my lightning-speed blabbering I will get there in notime!

This should be fixed.