[FIXED] Exported game crashing

My games starblast NW and starblast 2 Crash, they show this error (something about custom files) and then close the game…
NW shows this immediately
2 Shows this when going to the results screen… why does this happen?

@grazer im counting on you to fix this soon! Im trying to get NW on steam

Hey, I just saw this - we’re talking about the Desktop version, right? I’ll check it out and let you know.


I just updated the build server - I think it was just out of date. I rebuilt SB 2 and SB NW both. I tested SB 2 and it played OK.

Let me know if you have nay more issues.

Ok thanks

@grazer what did you think about them BtW?

The new one with the mouse aim and color changing background is super slick! :slight_smile: