[FIXED] Exporter

Ok, so I made an update to my game, and i tried to export it, but i didn’t have the file for the icon, so i downloaded the old version of the game and used the “icon” file… unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to want to export… because i exported it more than an hour ago and its STILL loading… maybe its just me being impatient and all, especially because I’m in history class while typing this report. @grazer can you stop the export, take the current icon file, make the exporter also hold the icon as PNG format, and restart the exporter…

where are you exporting to


Hey @jngthree - I just saw this, there was a problem with the Windows build server that was causing it to hang. I have the build queue running again, but there are a bunch of builds pending. It should have them all done in a couple of hours.

Ok thanks

@grazer works just fine until one of the objects spawn, then the game hits an error and closes

Hey @jngthree - which game?

Starblast 2


Is it possible to make changes while the exporter is running? And could you possibly make a cancel button too? @grazer

Hey @jngthree - I have been traveling the past few days, but I’ll be back today so I should be able to check it out soon. Thanks for being patient :slight_smile:

@grazer i understand. Happy holidays!

Hey @jngthree, I believe I have that Windows crash fixed. I rebuilt and tested, and no longer see it. Let me know if you see any other problems, but please start a new thread if you find a new bug - it helps me keep track of what has been fixed and which items still need attention. Thanks :smile: