[fixed] Extractor returning wrong position - returns a multiple of actual position value

Has anyone run into an extractor returning the wrong position when it’s triggered?

I’ve got an item in my GUI layer that I want to call every time my player object fires a collision. THAT part is working - the triggering is working correctly.

The problem is that I’m trying to call the GUI object to the exact on-screen position of my player object, using an extractor. The extractor is returning the wrong position (or the player object is reporting the wrong position?) so the GUI object pops in the wrong place.

It looks like the extractor is returning a multiple of the actual position; when I set the object to just appear over the top of the player object always, it starts well-centered, and then accelerates away quickly as the player moves.

What could be causing an extractor to return a multiple of, rather than an actual position?

My game is here: http://flowlab.io/game/view/400019 - to replicate the fault, start playing and immediately steer into the hay bales to the left and/or right. You’ll see the “swear” bubble pop up, either slightly to the right or quite a distance to the left of the car. Move closer to the “sideways” bales and collide with the track boundary, and you’ll see the bubble has drifted quite a bit ahead in the Y dimension.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

I’m not sure I understand the description completely, but here’s what I think the issue is:

The UI layer does not scroll, otherwise you would leave the UI behind as the car drove through the world. This means that a specific position in the UI layer does not match up with the same position in the game layer once you have scrolled the game layer.

Any objects that you wish to sync up with your player object you probably want to move into the game layer instead. If you want to make sure that it always shows up on top of the player instead of underneath, use the “game layer” property in the object edit panel.

A simpler solution to manually positioning the cloud object might be to use an “attacher” behavior to just attach the cloud to the player so they are always in the same spot.

Hope this helps.