[FIXED] function block is broken

it doesnt save its setting, it always resets back to sine when you save and quit

I confirm this

I confirm this

I cannot confirm this, for I have not the slightest clue of what this thing does

It’s for advanced calculations. I don’t know where I can use it for. You’ll learn at school what it is.

The absolute value setting makes all numbers even, regardless of if they’re positive or negative.

I know a few more of these, because I’m currently taking algebra class but it’s difficult explaining them for me

I think the absolute number is useful for some cases

I have a workaround for that one.

Filter (greater than 0) Pass: to whatever. Fail: into an expression set to (a-a-a). The expression is set to the same thing the pass is set to

Bumping this so I don’t forget - this will get fixed in the next update.

Here are some example uses:

Absolute value gives you the “size” of a number, regardless of whether it is positive or negative. This is useful for example when comparing distances. You can subtract the X position of one object from another, but then depending on which object is on the left the result may be negative or positive. If you just want to know the distance between them, you can use the absolute value of your result so that you don;t need to worry about negative values.

Sine and Cosine have lots of uses, but one common example is to make a value “oscillate”. You can send an increasing value into the sine function and it will output a smoothly changing value useful for animating values smoothly back and forth.

I’ve been wanting an absolute value function for a long time. Up until now, I’ve been using a filter for “less than 0” expression A*-1.

Hey, this is fixed in the latest update - let me know if you have comments/suggestions/whatever