[FIXED] GUI > Alert Bug

GUI > Alert - Adding a letter in the button message with an accent is cut off
I wrote the word “Prximo”
Another problem with Alert GUI is that when exporting to android or desktop, they become inaccessible, the message appears but the button cannot be clicked.
Anotao 2019-11-10 192605
For video (I removed the accent to check if it was the problem, but even without accents the button is inaccessible):

For now, based on my own experiences, Flowlab doesn’t seem to work well with characters outside of the English language. This includes labels and, in your case, alerts. I suggest that, for now, you remove accents and tildes from these words, even if they mess up the meaning of the words. I’m sure other people will still understand.

The exported alert bug is beyond my knowledge, however.

Thanks for the answer, the letters are the least, if I remove the accents the purpose follows the same. The biggest problem is that the messages do not leave the screen and I do not know an alternative to this.

Hey @Famy - I’m investigating the issue on mobile. The buttons are using bitmap textures for button labels now, so the only characters available are those found in this texture - https://flowlab.io/fonts/din_ui/din_ui.png

The on-screen labels are the same way.

I’ll let you know when the button issue is fixed - sorry for the inconvenience.

Thanks for the help, I’m waiting!

Hey @Famy - The labels should be fixed on Android again, let me know if you have any other mobile issues.

@grazer Now in the desktop version it is causing the image error and in the android version it opens, gets a black screen and then closes.

Anotao 2019-11-15 113538

Hey @Famy - this is fixed now. I rebuilt your game and tested it, and it seems ok. Thanks for being patient.

Great work on the game so far, but I would recommend tweaking the on screen buttons a bit. Maybe jump should get it’s own button on the other side of the screen? Also they could maybe be a bit bgger, since it’s hard to play on my phone.

Thanks and thanks for the tips! I suspected the buttons might be really small, I received some feedback that they are very close to the edge as well. For now I will only make the latest editions and continue only next year.

@grazer A question on android, during game play when pushing forward and jumping or attacking at the same time, it only performs one action and ignores the other. What can be this problem?
An example is holding the button forward and pushing to jump, it ignores the forward button to perform the jump only when stopped. This did not happen before.