[FIXED] I don't thing the "up" in keyboard is working properly

I think it continuously triggers after being released

could your keyboard be sticking?


Doesn’t really need a link, and also I’m using a touchscreen, so no


I just put together this test, and the arrow keys all seem to be stopping when they should: http://flowlab.io/game/view/569333

Does it work for you? If not, let me know what browser/os/device you’re using and I’ll try to reproduce the issue that way.

I worded it wrong. the up output inputs multiple times after releasing

Just to clarify: When I release the up key, the label value in my example stops incrementing instantly. Does that not happen for you @jngthree?


The ship stops when you release a key, but if you move again, you can see the ship trail under the player, but you don’t move for about a second or two.

I looked at the logic. And the 0 number continues to output into the velocity,

The same goes for SB2

I noticed the trail faces the direction the ship SHOULD be flying in when the glitch occurs, but its not flying correctly or flying at all…


this is URGENT!! its not just this game!!!

@grazer its making my games go HAYWIRE!!

@jngthree I investigated this over the weekend but I didn’t make any progress - I’m checking into it again now.

Ok thanks

Sorry btw, got a little panicked.

Hey @jngthree - no worries, I totally understand why that glitch would be concerning. Sorry about that :frowning:

Anyway, I just deployed an update that fixes this issue. Let me know if you encounter any more problems.