[Fixed in HTML5] Background Objects are no longer 'background' objects!

I missed an update, so if this was a new part, I apologize. But when I went to test out a good background for my new game, it knocked my character out of the way…

Did you use the right layer?


Post a link to the game and I’ll take a look

http://flowlab.io/game/play/1092765 go to level 4, and the object that says ‘background’ is a background object.

The background object in level 4 seems to behaving properly for me. You’re saying that the player can interact with it?

This is glitch that whenever first placing the first background object, it acts as though its in the game world, a simple fix is just reloading the page

ok, that’s very helpful info - thanks!

This is fixed in the HTML5 version

@grazer thanks! (=

@browngr - I think the issue is fixed, but it’s possible that it isn’t. I have never been able to reproduce the problem. I fixed an issue that was similar in some cases though.

If anyone still experiences this in the HTML5 version, please let me know.

I can confirm that it’s partially fixed. It happened in the flash version though. I usually forget to use Html mode.

I was working on a checkpoint respawn example for some of the users that have a habit of using the pop ups and reset level mechanic anytime the player or something touches a spike or enemy, like you did in your monkey game. I consider it a bad habit, nobody likes restarting an entire level every time you barely touch something.

Anyway, I noticed when I was working on the background, that some of the blocks were solid, and they were in my way or I could stand on them. After I saved and refreshed the page, they became regular background blocks, and were no longer solid. The bug Still Remains, it just fixes itself on refresh. It may only happen in flash, because I don’t always use html if I forget.