[FIXED] Large images don't delete all the way

This has always been a bug, but I figured it would be fixed by now. When you hit the erase X on an image or animation frame, only 1/4 of it deletes.
This means you have to manually erase the rest of the pixels, which is a burden for large images.

Yeah, that makes it a problem especially for my animations. With the Fishing Rod in Battle Island I had a lot of trouble erasing and redrawing the rod.

Hey, one thing I noticed: when you zoom in on your sprite, it can delete all.

oh nice thxs @Luminous700

ur welcome.

@“Mhx Ar” you should try it.

I definitely will.

i have an idea… if that doesnt work, what if you can drag most of it away using the position switcher in the editor, then finish it off.

thanks for reporting - fixed in latest release