[FIXED] Move object's collider with rotation

Hi all,

In my game, I have it set up so that when the player hits the Right Arrow key, a certain shape rotates. However, there are two problems I’ve noticed here.

  1. For some reason, the player is drawn behind these rotateable objects.

  2. The collider for these shapes doesn’t rotate with it, meaning that there’s essentially now an invisible shape and my player doesn’t collide with the newly rotated shape.

Any help would be majorly appreciated, and you can see my game here to see what I mean: http://flowlab.io/game/play/576991

Thank you!

I highly agree with you.

This is suggested a lot. This really should be added. Please Grazer! :frowning:

@Latif3 I didn’t realize that this wasn’t something already implemented - whoops!

No worries, as nice as this would be I’m working on a separate game now. If this does ever get implemented I can finish my original idea :smile:

For issue 1 - I think you just need to set the “display order” higher on the object you wish to display on top.
For issue 2 - This is fixed in the latest release