[FIXED] My game just disappeared :(


So, it’s my first time trying to use and understand this platform (and making any games at all, actually), something just happened and I’m panicking BIG TIME right now.

I’m supposed to delived this minigame to my boss in a couple of days and it suddenly disappeared, just like that. I was using the editor when the screen glitched and, when I tried to go back, only the background color loaded. Also, it seems like the game “autopublished” itself :S When try to edit it all I get is this background color scene again and none of the buttons work. It’s completely broken…I’ve tried accessing from another nav and it doesn’t work either.

Has this happened to anyone before? Is there any way to fix it?

I’d really, really appreciate the help ToT

Thanks in advance!!!

Ps. I hope I explained myself well enough, english is not my main languange (as you can probably tell >.<)


Can you comment the link to the game

@ellebuns did everything seem to be replaced with red squares as well? if thats the case your game just glitched, happens all the time to all of us. simply restarting your computer should do the trick.

Hi, thanks for the answers!

Here’s the game link @“JR 01” http://www.flowlab.io/game/play/1224943

And nope, not red squares at all @soethan1 just this:


Sadly, I tried restarting and it didn’t help :frowning:

Hey @ellebuns - thanks for reporting this. It looks like this was a bug in the physics calculations. Your IMPULSO object has no visible sprite, but it has a physics shape. The physics engine was trying to create a capsule with no size, and it was causing the physics to crash.

I just deployed an update to fix this bug, your game should be working again.

I like your game so far - sorry to cause you to panic.

Nice it’s fixed and WOW, look at those sprites!
Nice job on the sprite art!

Thank you SO much @grazer , I’m so sorry for not thanking you earlier but I’ve been working nonstop since you fixed it. I cannot thank you enough, this platform is great for people like me ^^

@JR 01 thank you for the feedback! I’m very happy you like them.

Here’s the “finished” (I have no time to make it better TuT) game if case you wanna check: http://www.flowlab.io/game/play/1230880