[FIXED] Problems with attacher

  1. (inconvenient) Proximity doesn’t work with attached objects, unless it’s just my computer acting up. (for another object’s behavior, not the attached one’s)

  2. (irritating) Sometimes attached objects appear on the editor after it has been attached while playing the game. Sometimes.

  3. (minor) the list for choosing which object to attach is backwards, from z-a instead of a-z.

@grazer They’re not super-urgent, just mildly inconvenient, so I just wanted them to be fixed when you have spare time :slight_smile:

They’ve always been like that. Attached objects and emitted objects don’t work with proximity, because they don’t have an object value, probably. That’s my guess. They also sometimes stay in the editor after testing the game in play, because they are stored in the cache. As for the Z-A, I never even noticed.

I hope it can be fixed, because this is like an obstacle blocking the exit. I can probably put in the proximity behavior in the attached object’s behaviours, and send a message to the player to increase damage. Of course, that’s still an inconvenience even if it works. If it doesn’t, I hope it can be fixed soon.

These should be fixed now in the version I just deployed (v1.0.969):

  1. Proximity triggers and attached objects: these now work both ways (attachments can detect proximity of other objects, other objects can detect attachments)

  2. Attachments showing up in editor - I think this is fixed, but I couldn’t reproduce it, so I’m not 100% certain

  3. Attachment list is alphabetized now

  4. Bonus: Attachments display HUD / UI objects correctly now, e.g. Alerts or Labels

thanks :slight_smile:

@grazer does the proximity now work with emitted objects

Yes, I would also like to know that as well. Emitted objects have never worked with proximity.

emitted objects also didn’t show alerts properly, wonder if it’s fixed now.

I didn’t touch the emitters - this update only affected attachments.

Darn, well @grazer that is one of the things id like to have on the next update

@jngthree @Luminous700 @“Mhx Ar” - I have just deployed a new minor update, v0.1.975. Both the Attacher and Emitter are both using the same system now, so Proximity, HUD/UI, and mouse clicks should all work for both.



uh… the attached object’s timer’s still active when the attacher turns off. So are the behaviors connected to it…

Hey @Luminous700 attachments no longer run behaviors when detached


Also @grazer now the thing matches rotation even when its off

Edit: fixed

all right, thanks grazer :slight_smile:

collision doesn’t work with attacher…

Why would it? It could break many games