[fixed] Red World Glitch

A glitch that I get all the time is the glitch that turns all of your game objects to red, behaviorless blocks. Sometimes when it happens, a refresh will fix the problem (except for the main character, which loses all of its behaviors and reverts to a default sprite). I’ve had this glitch three times for the same game, and it was devastating each time. Please make sure that this will never happen again, for the sake of anyone who has been crippled by this glitch as well as myself.

Hey 1jbwestgate, there was a server issue that was causing this problem but it’s fixed now. Sorry :frowning:

I have encountered a problem too, the behavior bundles are out of whack; new ones dont show up in the menu, and ones that are already there “like run and jump” dont change when you edit one and add it in for reuse

I’m encountering the same problem, it started around 3:00pm central time with 2 blocks turning red, (The behaviors at first weren’t affected though), and then about 2 hours later a decent chunk of my blocks were either red and/or had their behaviors disappear… The majority of my game seems to be fine though
Screenshot 2016-03-10 at 5.03.12 PM

Yesterday I was working on my game and it had happened again. I spent a while resetting the sprites (luckily it didn’t delete the behaviors). I left for a while and when I came back it was broken again! It happened every time I left the tab yesterday!

There were some issues with the server yesterday that was preventing the files from saving properly - it should be fixed now.